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Inlay – The Basics


How do you make something ordinary, extraordinary?  Sometimes all that is needed to make a piece of furniture standout is a few small pieces of contrasting metal or wood put into the surface.

There are a few basic steps to creating eye-catching inlays.

Draw your design on a piece of paper.  If the inlay is to be repeated make copies of the design.  Using a spray adhesive attach the paper to the inlay material. Shape inlays to their final shapes.


Lay the pieces on the surface that they will be put in to and trace them with a pencil or even better, a marking knife.


Now take a small router bit and start to create the recess for the inlay.  Get as close to the line as you dare but this is certainly one of those times you don’t want to go outside the lines. Clean up any remaining material with a sharp chisel.


Once the recess is cleaned out spread a little glue inside it and gently tap the inlay into place.  If you have a nice tight fit clamps are usually not needed to hold the inlay in place while the glue dries. After the glue has set use a block plane to flush the inlays to the surface.


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